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Special 2023 Year End Campaign!

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

MFPA Malaysia Cards

Christmas Cards, Chinese New Year Cards & Angpow

Every year, MFPA Malaysia will hold a campaign for festivals like Christmas and Chinese New Year. This year's package includes 2 Christmas Cards, 3 Chinese New Year Cards and 3 Ang Pow at the price of RM50. There is also another package set that comes with a 2024 calendar together with the products as listed above, which costs RM75.

MFPA Malaysia Cards

Birthday & All Occasion Cards

Furthermore, MFPA Malaysia also offers a card package that contains 4 birthday cards imprinted with birthday wishes and 4 blank cards suitable for any occasion. This card package set costs RM57. If you are interested in printing your name and address onto any of the cards available, you can call, email or fax MFPA Malaysia for full details of their imprinting services.

Go to the MFPA Malaysia website's Product Page to look at the other list of products! Or go to the Contact Page for any questions or enquiries.

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