MFPA is run by mouth and foot paintings artists who want  - not pity - but a chance to earn a living.



The members have learned to draw or paint with the brush held in the mouth or with the toes and have all been deprived of the use of their hands by illness, injury or birth defect.


The formation of the Association in 1956 gave all members the opportunity to completely support themselves through sales of paintings reproduced as cards, calendars and other items.


The artists themselves elect a Management Board from the member artists to manage their organisation.


Their work is offered to you on artistic merit and value for money from MFPA only.


"Your support keeps us productively employed."


"Your appreciation of our work inspires us to create art for you to enjoy."


"Your purchase and additional order are really appreciated by us."


"You make us proud to earn our own living."


"Your satisfaction is our concern."


Aliah Bt Talib

MFPA artist - Alia bt talib

Alia BT Talib

Alia Bt. Talib was born on 8th. March 1987 without hands and she also suffers from deformity in height and of the backbone.

She uses her foot to paint as well as to carry out her daily chores. 

She has great motivation to learn new skills.

Chong Keow

MFPA artist - chong keow

Chong keow

Chong Keow was born on 8th August 1963 with her hands deformed. She learned to paint on her own by gripping a brush between her teeth.

Her hobbies are listening to music and art painting. In 1988 a stipend was granted to her.

Jerome Yap

MFPA artist - jerome yap

jerome yap

Jerome Yap was born on 13th March 1978. He suffers from cerebral palsy from birth.

He is a very cheerful and friendly person.
Paints with his foot as both his hands are completely paralysed. In September 1999 a stipend was granted to him.

Mat Jamil Bin Ramli

MFPA artist - mat jamil bin ramli

mat jamil bin ramli

Mat Jamil Bin Ramli was born on 22nd March 1984 with his hands deformed. He uses his foot to draw and paint.


Mat Jamil is a self-taught artist who started to paint at the age of seven.

He was a former Paralympic sportsman representing the state of Terengganu.

Mohd Khairuddin

MFPA artist - mohd khairuddin

Mohd khairuddin


Mohd Khairuddin was born on 25th January 1989 with his hands and backbone deformed. He paints with his foot.


His hobbies are painting art and sports.

In March 2012 a stipend was granted to him.

Muhammad Amir Arshad

MFPA artist - muhammad amir arshad

Muhammad amir arshad


Muhammad Amir Arshad was born in Maran, Pahang on 16th March 1961. He suffered from cerebral palsy since childhood.

He paints with his foot as both his hands are paralysed. His hobbies are to paint, listen to the radio and watch television.

Ng Ah Kwai

MFPA artist - ng ah kwai

ng ah kwai


Ng Ah Kwai was born without his arms and at the age of 16. He began to teach himself to draw and paint with his right foot.


He has received two high ranking awards for his untiring publicity work in the promotion of art. They are "Tokoh Pekerja" and the " Vocational Award".

Razali Bin Ramli

MFPA artist - razali bin rohani

razali bin rohani


Razali Bin Rohani was born on 22nd August 1983 without his arms. He uses both legs to get things done with includes drawing and painting.

He was taught the fundamentals of painting and subsequently developed his skills. The works of the foot painter reveal his talent.

Siti Aishah bt Yacoob

MFPA artist - siti aishah bt yacoob

Siti aishah bt yacoob


Siti Aishah Bt Yacoob was born on 4th February 1975 with both of her hands deformed. She uses her foot to draw and paint as well as to carry out her daily chores.

Her hobbies are to write and paint.
She is in featured at the Primary Year 6 school textbook.